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February Tech Wallpapers

What a month folks! We've finally made it! The first month of the year was all about resolutions, pandemic memes, neat and tidy to-do lists for that extra dopamine hit, reading literally everything while we have the time, and (semi-)consistent workout schedules - during our holidays at least!

But February brings us back to reality. It reminds us why it was so important to spend January building up those healthy habits: simple things like 20 minutes of reading in the morning, taking ourselves out for a walk, making time for daily meditation or yoga - because when the outside world intrudes back into our little bubble it can be hard to remember to take care of ourselves. A January reset gives us that momentum we need to keep up good habits and coping mechanisms when we start to feel stressed going back to work or learning.

Whatever February brings your way, I hope you find the love, strength and patience you deserve - and may the memes be good.

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