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Level Up Your Banking with Up Bank!

Updated: May 1, 2021

I don't remember exactly how it happened, but at the beginning of 2020, I stumbled across the Australian Neobank Up. I thought, "this will be a handy tool to help me save more through the year", and boy was I right! I intended to use the account JUST for saving and keep my main account with a Big 4 Bank where I could arrange for my direct debits to come out of a separate account (rather than the everyday spending account linked to my card). But it impressed me with how intuitive it is, and its referral program is one of the better (and fairer to both parties) out there. Keep reading for a referral code and freebies!

I began using Up more and more, and eventually, I was using it outside the minimum five monthly transactions to ensure my Savers got the highest interest rate.

Right from the start, Up really sets itself apart by making everything EASY. The signup process is quick; pop your details in, it runs an identity check and then BAM, you're using the app and creating Savers left and right! There's no waiting for your card either – though you do still have to wait for your card. Let me explain; you can begin using Up immediately, without the need for a physical card. Up Bank lets you add your card to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay as soon as your identity is approved and you have access to the app. You can get a head start on making your first five transactions by tapping your card from your phone. Revolutionary and most importantly, SIMPLE!

Image source: Up Bank

Up makes saving easy with the addition of "round ups" (rounding each purchase up to the nearest dollar). The most significant feature for me has been that you can create as many Saver Pools as you need to separate your hard earned savings and see your progress towards each of these goals. And unlike those other pesky banks where you have to call and verify your identity, you can DELETE these Savers at any time directly from the app. Finished saving for your new laptop? Great! Now you can either delete that Saver or rename it for the next item you want to save for! In the beginning, I only had a few Savers, but soon enough, just like many other Upsider's, I was creating Savers for everything. My dog has a Saver, I made one for my car, one for medical expenses, one for bills, and one simply called "Treat Yourself" (shout out to my Parks n Rec fans out there!).

Up even includes a separate window which lists all your upcoming recurring transactions. Got a Spotify or Apple Music subscription? Got a little too click-happy with AfterPay lately? It will all show up in this window and give you a brief overview of your next couple months. You will need to link your AfterPay account at first, but once you do, it breaks down how much you will owe in the next month. This way, you can see everything all at once without having to do the math yourself or jump through multiple different apps.

When I love something, I shout it from the rooftops. I was telling everyone and their dog about Up Bank, and when I saw people posting about getting free merch in the Facebook group, I was all over it! This was yet another opportunity to share the love. Sure, I'd never wear merch for one of the Big 4 Banks, but with the Up support team being the lovable pop-culture savvy folks that they are, getting free merch became a game. It came with riddles and GIFs and sassy responses... and a hell of a long wait due to the demand for free stuff (of course).

Up also have a "Hook Up Your Mate" program where you can refer others to Up using a unique URL. This is your main source of freebies. Because not only do you and your mate BOTH get $5 each just for signing up, you also get an additional $5 if your mate makes five transactions in their first month. I mean, if you want the Saver bonus rate, you'd be making those transactions anyway, right? (Side note, those transactions have no minimum spend amount either!)

I could probably go on and on about Up. But if any of this sound like your sort of thing, or if you've skipped the bulk of the post to get to the goodies, use the following link to score yourself some bonuses!

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