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Mini Review: How Teacup reminds us to appreciate the little things in life

Teacup is a delightfully wholesome narrative adventure game with an absolutely gorgeous art style. You play as Teacup, a shy, tea-loving frog preparing for a tea party with her friends. Journey through Little Pond gathering supplies to help Teacup find what she needs for her tea party.

Learn about different types of tea as you fill out your notebook, exploring every nook and cranny in Little Pond as go. Watch the colourful hand drawn images appear on the pages as you complete fetch quests for the quirky townsfolk, or just take things slow and enjoy the scenery. And wow, is the scenery beautiful! Stroll through the world surrounded by cozy pastels and grainy textures, accompanied by a dreamy atmospheric soundtrack.

Smarto Club’s Teacup urges you to slow down and appreciate the magic hidden in mundane moments we often take for granted.

Complete your objectives with intention at a gentle pace; row out on the water to have a picnic with your friends, watch families fly kites at the festival, and step in to help out an acting troupe. The puzzles and tasks are designed not to test your abilities but to encourage you to interact with the world around you, to be curious and just enjoy the moment.

The unhurried pace and calming melodies make Teacup a beautiful and cathartic experience that everyone should treat themselves to. Take a moment to grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and immerse yourself in the relaxing world of Little Pond.


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