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Dorothy Bond

I am a bookish and cozy gaming content creator and the founder of both Camp Cozy Social Club and Vanidorr Design Co. My goal is to create a cozy space where readers and gamers can come together to discover new, diverse, and underrated books and games.


I have always been an avid reader. In any free moment, you can always find me with my nose stuck in a book, adventuring through the worlds between the pages. I can't say exactly where my love of fantasy stems from, but Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest series made a huge impression on me when I was younger. I also credit my dad for encouraging my reading and always providing excellent recommendations!

I started out as a gaming content creator. At the time I was studying and reading for enjoyment was nearly impossible. But as I finished my degree and could finally read for the joy of it, I switched to a blend of bookish and gaming content. It was eye opening to see how many other creators felt penned in by having only one niche and it's been amazing to watch that space grow for myself and other creators too.

My hope is that if you're new to books or cozy games, or even if you've been reading and playing them for some time, this will be a cozy place where you can find everything from book and game recommendations, reading tips, reviews and so much more.

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About Camp Cozy

I like to think the ideas for Camp Cozy began when I started crafting a Discord server for fun, just to see what I could do with it. But maybe it started before that, when I created a gaming account on Instagram years ago. That account became more multipurpose and an outlet to share my passion for not only games, but books and record collecting too.


The Instagram gaming community was wonderful, however, I found that we were always playing different games or reading our books at different times so it could be hard to find people to discuss them with. I realised then, that I had the Discord server built and finished and collecting metaphorical dust! So I put it to use as primarily a book club and cozy community server. The focus on cozy content seemed an easy shift to make since that was what I and most of my Insta community were interested in too. We now host gaming events, regular book clubs and even throw the occasional listening party for new release music.


About Vanidorr Design Co

Vanidorr Design Co aims to create organisation and life admin solutions to help you get the most out of your day. Whether you’re a student, creator, gamer, or just want to get more organised, our stylish yet functional designs will help you achieve your goals without compromising your aesthetic.


With the company being founded right before the pandemic hit in 2020, and as a person who has worked in retail most of my life, suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands to create. As a lifelong creative and self-taught graphic designer, I began to share the organizational tools I had already designed for myself and my studies with the rest of the world.


Over time the shop expanded to include even more products. Vanidorr Design Co now creates products such as printable planners, Notion templates, folder icons, Instagram highlight packs, and Stream packages.


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