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Review: The Shape of Things - A Cozy Puzzle Game

An image of a warm wooden desk and PC monitor showing a screenshot from the game The Shape of Things. The screenshot is of a brightly coloured witch's potion room background and in the foreground is a beige witches hat.

Looking for a cozy puzzle game that has an incredibly cute aesthetic? Look no further! The Shape of Things is a rubiks cube style puzzler that takes the rubiks concept we already know and applies it to other everyday objects for a refreshing new feel. Solve each puzzle by rotating, sliding or resizing fragmented pieces to discover The Shape of Things.

This game is a no pressure, no timer, play at your own pace kind of game that allows you to just enjoy a cozy chilled out atmosphere whilst playing. Adding to the cozy atmosphere is the incredibly soothing background music which you can even enjoy just by chilling in your room (the main menu), and the ability to change the weather and time of day whilst there. My personal fave is early morning sunshine with the birds singing, but if that isn’t your cup of tea you can always enjoy a nice windy, rainy or snowy day.

The Shape of Things is perfect for those who love to unwind and relax with a game. The game has a gorgeous and unique aesthetic that is sure to please any player, and is set to be released on May 26, 2023. Keep an eye out for this game if you're after a relaxing, cozy vibe!

Wishlist now on Steam!

A screenshot from the game, The Shape of Things. This screenshot shows a mine puzzle room in the background full of gems and lanterns, and the foreground shows an unsolved puzzle in the shape of a lantern.

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